Dominica 2011 - December 3rd - 11th

Located in the Caribbean Sea between Guadeloupe to the North and Martinique to the South
The Island is 751 with Population est. 72,660

THE WHALES OF DOMINICA - December 7th-10th, 2011
Under Governmental Research Permit we snorkeled with the largest toothed Mammels on the plant; "The Sperm Whale"   We had 23 sightings and 10 in water encounters.
December 3, 2011 Cabrits Dive Center, Portsmouth

Dive #1 TUBE REEF 
A shore dive off small village, mini wall dive 100yrds off the beach.  Electric Rays, Spotted Drums, our fist sightings of the beautiful Crinoids, a Nasau Grouper, Sharptail Eel and our first Dominica Lionfish.
December 06, 2011 Cabrits Dive Center, Portsmouth

Dive #1 CANON SITE (Wreck)
Home to the 55' wreck; The Nadine L. Purposely sunk in 2003.  You can leave the wreck and head inshore to a lovely, shallow wall dive close to shore and we found octopus, parot fish, angelfish and  many small juveniles.

Toucari Caves is perhaps the most beautiful dive in Dominica, if not the Caribbean. Incredible healthy reef, a beautiful cave, coral archways to swim under, bubbles rising from the reef floor and fish everywhere.
December 08, 2011 ALDive Scuba, Roseau

Dive #1 Scottshead Soufriere Marine Reserve
Located just a few minutes boat ride from ALDives base location in Roseau. The Scottshead Soufriere Marine Reserve includes the deep sheltered waters of the bay. Sites range from drop-offs and walls to pinnacles as well as shore dives.

Dive #2 Dengelbens North
This reef was formed by a granite extrusion from the shoreline and starts off shallow, then gets deeper as it runs out west. The main ridge is interwoven with pinnacles and valleys where turtles are normally seen.
December 04, 2011 Cabrits Dive Center, Portsmouth

This site is named for a huge boulder that tumbled down the mountainside 1000s of years ago and now forms a hand like formation. Like an iceberg, you can see the top of the rock breaking the surface.

Two tunnels, 8m and 14m long, provide exhilirating swim-throughts through schools of glassy eyed snappers and grunts.  The reef drops to 33m where there is a large variety of spectacular corals and abundance of fish.
December 05, 2011 Cabrits Dive Center, Portsmouth
Happy 74th Birthday Mom!
Some of Dominica's dive sites are in areas of volcanic activity, and Hot Sophia is one of those. Called Hot Sophia as a yacht called Sophia use to moor there. The dive begins with a descent down the marker buoy line to a sandy bottom at 27m. There is a gentle depression in the sandy bottom which is very hot to the touch and covers an area of several square meters: extremely strange to place your hands on the sea bed and for it to be hot. The remainder of the dive is around a reef which rises from the sea bed with lots of basket sponges, moray eels, some soft and hard corals.   The stingrays were plentiful at this site, perhaps they like the warm sandy bottom.

Dive #2 SUNSHINE REEF (Drift Dive)
Like swimming through a sun-filled aquarium, this dive has a sand plateau at 35 feet, covered with coral heads, sponges and sea plume. The wall drops off to over 100 feet and has many colourful sponges and coral.

At the southern end of Douglas Bay is a wonderful canyon and tunnel covered in corals and sponges.   We saw plenty of lobsters, long spine sea urchins and very impressive underwater rock formations.
December 07, 2011 Cabrits Dive Center, Portsmouth

Night Dive:  POLE TO POLE
Under the Cabrits cruise ship pier where you dive between the giant wooden poles covered in sponges life.  This dive is fantastic and one of the top bridge/pier dive's I've ever encountered!  If you are in Dominica this dive site is NOT to be missed!
December 10, 2011 ALDive Scuba, Roseau

Night Dive: Champagne/Hot Spring
This sub-aquatic hot spring is in about 15 feet of water and spews out hot water and bubbles, which gives the effect of diving in glass of champagne.  It’s an excellent night dive!
Underwater Photography by: Jenny Keith
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