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Inches away just to get the perfect shot reflected in the lens of the camera, sometimes it feels like it's just the lens that's there.  I tend to forget that the rest of me is just as close as the lens.  I also tend to forget that I'm the visitor and they live there.   I really just never gave that much thought to the deadly, blue ringed octopus wrapping itself around the handle of my camera.

Most times it's never 
enough; not the right pose, an elusive subject, to much backscatter or some idiot that has just kicked up the sand, yet there I am still snapping away. There's something about me and the sea and something about me and my photographs that I can never get enough of.

Always having a dream to live and dive where the wild things are, I've chased that dream across the world and through the sea.  Sometimes in my own back yard, sometimes in a small boat off Horseshoe Bay near Rinca, South of Komodo, past the iguana infested beaches of Plana Cay, across some moon lit shore or some obscure island in the Bahamas.  Some day when I can no longer do these things I will have my memories and photos during the day but at night I will always have my dreams. 

Note from husband:
"I used to have a dive buddy and we roamed the deep blue sea together, now I'm just the idiot kicking up the sand"

Jenny Keith, Underwater Photographer
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Underwater Photography by: Jenny Keith
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